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We offer a comprehensive monthly package, which addresses a person as a whole, and recognises that you are someone who needs to be accountable, someone who needs concrete ideas on what to eat, and who sometimes needs help with their mindset or their spiritual journey. 

We include:

- Completely personalised exercise plans, updated weekly. They take into account your fitness level, goals, weekly schedule, injuries, health conditions, and anything else you might be facing.

- An app where you can view your individualised plan, along with videos of each task, receive push notifications, and check off when you are done!

- A weekly call from VJ, to chat about how you have been going with fitness and mindset, answer any questions you might have, and generally encourage you.

- Weekly meal plans, from an accredited practicing Dietician

- A private Facebook Page, with motivational videos, articles and quotes, on topics such as diet, posture, mindset, spirituality and healthy lifestyle

- Access to VJ via messenger, text or email throughout the week

If you would like to chat further to see if this is the right fit for you, please click here to book a free phone consultation, no strings attached.

We are excited to begin this journey with you!


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