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Our bodies are amazing creations, crafted by an amazing Creator. They are designed to lift, swing, jump, run, laugh, cry, communicate, feel, flourish, heal and so much more. We were put here on Earth to experience abundant life, life to the full, and that includes all of these things.

Are you experiencing life to the full? 

Are you being the best steward of the body you have been given?

Can you look in the mirror each morning, no matter what your body type, size or weight, and say 'I am fearfully and wonderfully made' ?

We are here to take you on a journey, to a place where you can answer an emphatic 'yes' to all of those questions. Yes, fitness goals and weight loss are great. However, a lasting change in these areas needs to encompass your mind and diet as well as your physical body. Are you ready for that?  YOUR TRANSFORMATION AWAITS YOU! 

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Hi There! Thanks for visiting our website. My name is VJ, the founder of Kingdom Fitness. In the last five years of being a fitness coach I have come to realise that the answer to great results is not training MORE, but training smart, while at the same time addressing all spheres of our lives, as these spheres impact our fitness journey.

No matter what you are facing in life right now, I would like to partner with you and encourage you in all areas of your life, not just fitness. To chat with me on a no-strings-attached phone call, please click here to book. I look forward to working with you!  VJ







One of the values we have at Kingdom Fitness is to give back to the world. When you join up you are helping to rescue victims of human trafficking. A minimum of $10 from each membership, every month, is donated to XP Missions

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