Are you a mum in her 30s, 40,s or 50s who is wanting to set a healthy example for your kids?

You have been selflessly looking after everybody in your family. But over the years you have gained more weight, you are under more stress, struggle with tiredness and lack in self confidence. If you are still listening chances are that you can relate to one of these statements.

That's why I want to show you in the next 30 days how you can:

-Be fit, toned and healthy

-Be the fun mum and a role model to your kids

-Be transformed from the inside out

Click the link below and let me show you the way

Hi, my name is VJ, the founder of Kingdom Fitness. In the last five years I have helped a lot of mums at gyms and bootcamps get fitter and healthier. As a fitness coach I have come to realise that the answer to great results is not training MORE, but training smart, while at the same time addressing all spheres of our lives, as these spheres impact our fitness journey.

No matter what you are facing in life right now, I would like to partner with you and encourage you in all areas of your life, not just fitness. Click the link below to learn more:




Click the link below and let me show you the way


One of the values we have at Kingdom Fitness is to give back to the world. When you join up you are helping to rescue victims of human trafficking. A minimum of $10 from each membership, every month, is donated to XP Missions

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